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Sod Irrigation
Planter Irrigation

When it comes to irrigation Sprinklers Plus offers you several advantages:

Irrigation provides consistent coverage for your lawns and planters, this means healthier lawns and plants.  Watering can be automatically scheduled at night when there is less wind and evaporation, which also allows you to enjoy your yard during the day, and saves you money on water.  Sprinklers Plus will assess your irrigation needs and install your irrigation system that will provide maximum performance, so you have no "dry spots", or over watered areas.  Under ground sprinklers pop-up when they are in use, which means you have no worries or hassle about damage to sprinklers and hoses while cutting your lawn.  Sprinklers are connected together in zones, which are run of a manifold, this allows you to water each zone separately, and our automatic valves feature a manual by-pass to allow you to water without adjusting the preset schedule of your timer.

Sprinklers Plus uses to quality products, designed to give years of service.  When Sprinklers Plus assesses your irrigation needs, we choose the products that are right for your irrigation needs.  Large areas may require gear head systems, while planters and gardens may require a delicate drip or mist type irrigation.  What ever your irrigation needs, Sprinklers Plus has you covered.

If you are landscaping a new home, or upgrading an established landscape, Sprinklers Plus can also provide you with fill soil, top soil, planter mix, and sod - imagine a lush green lawn overnight.  Through careful study of the products available, we have found that sod from Saskatchewan's ShellView Sod Farms Ltd. is reliable, consistent, and provides superior performance over other sods. 

Whether Sprinklers Plus has installed your irrigation system, or not, it is important that your irrigation system be winterized to prevent damage from freezing.  Sprinklers plus will winterize your irrigation system in the fall.  Be sure to book your winterization early.

Key Benefits

  • Professional installation that is guaranteed.
    • Quality craftsmanship is guaranteed.
  • Complete coverage, no "dry spots".
    • We can repair, rework, or add to your existing system to eliminate trouble spots.
    • We can install a new system giving you the coverage you need.
  • We use quality products that will give you years of service.
  • Line pulls minimize the damage to your lawn.
    • With trenching equipment, damage to your existing landscape is minimized.
  • We can install irrigation for your lawn, planters, even your garden.
  • Your irrigation system can be automated to give you several advantages:
    • Save money on water bills.
    • No more forgetting to water, or to turn off the water.
    • Water at night when there is less evaporation and wind.
    • Timers have a battery-backup so you don't have to re-program after a power-outage.


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Last modified: 10/30/07