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Retaining Walls & Planters
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Retaining Wall Gallery

Sprinklers Plus installs retaining walls and planters using pressure treated timber or stone.  Retaining walls can be installed to raise or lower your landscape and help to make uneven terrain useable.  Retaining walls also help with drainage, and protect your landscape from sloughing or washing away. 

In severe cases, where retaining walls are used for steep grade changes, Sprinklers Plus prepares a solid base, and will incorporate a mesh reinforcement to ensure that the retaining wall does not move.  When the retaining walls are part of a planter or when dirt is placed against the back of the wall, landscape fabric is used to help prevent plant growth between the stones.  Sprinklers Plus pays attention to the details to give you maximum enjoyment of your landscape.  Please view our retaining wall and planter picture gallery for ideas and designs.

Key Benefits

  • Retaining walls can be used for steep grade changes.
    • Landscape can be made useable.
    • Reinforcement helps keep retaining wall from moving.
  • Fabric backing helps reduce unwanted growth.
  • Simplifies lawn maintenance.
    • Gives you an edge to cut up to.
    • Helps separate landscape materials.
  • Raised planters require less bending and strain.
    • Planting and weeding are done at a comfortable height.
  • Planters can be equipped with irrigation.


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Last modified: 10/30/07