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Zero Scape
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Zero Scape Gallery

Zero Scape landscaping is simply a landscape design where there is little or no ongoing maintenance.  Zero Scape tends to include low maintenance landscape features, such as:

  • Rock gardens and displays
  • Paving stone walks and patios
  • Perennial vegetation with automatic irrigation
  • Bark mulch or other ground cover

Landscapes can be designed with raised planters and lawns, depending on your preference; you decide how much maintenance work you want to have.  Please browse our Zero Scape gallery for ideas and designs that work for you.

Key Benefits

  • Little or no ongoing maintenance
  • You spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your landscape
  • Durable, no need to worry about weeding when you are away from home
  • Spring and fall cleanup is a snap


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Last modified: 10/30/07