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Automation of your irrigation system has several advantages, first, you could use less water and should save on you water bill, since you can program your system to water at night, when winds are low, and less evaporation takes place. Secondly, you lawn, plants, and shrubs benefit from a more regular watering cycle. Water volume, and intervals are consistent, helping to ensure full coverage to the areas that need the water. Finally, you can spend your time more productively, on other tasks, than watering.

Depending on your irrigation needs, Sprinklers Plus will set up zones, which can be turned on electrically through a timer. The number of zones depends on the volume of water available. If, for example, your water supply is capable of supplying 10 gallons per minute, then you could run 3 to 4 sprinkler heads at 3 gallons per minute. The number of zones required depends on the number of sprinkler heads that can be supplied at the same time. We use quality electronic valves, which have a manual bypass built in, this gives you years of service, and the ability to water a zone manually, without having to disturb the electronic timer settings. To protect the valves, Sprinklers Plus installs them on a manifold, inside a rot resistant irrigation box. We also install a special fitting that allow the entire irrigation system to be blown out in the fall, to prevent the valves, irrigation lines, and sprinkler heads from freezing during the winter.



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Last modified: 10/30/07