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Planter Irrigation
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At Sprinklers Plus we know that having a living landscape requires work. To provide continued enjoyment of your landscape, plants and shrubs need to be pruned, nurtured, and watered. Unfortunately not all of us have the time and energy to perform all the maintenance needed to maintain our landscapes. Planters provide a great alternative to gardens, they can be built off the ground giving easier access to the plants, be it flowers and shrubs which have lower maintenance, or fruits and vegetables. Planters can be large or small, depending on your landscape designs and can be in almost any shape. Although stone planters provide exceptional service life, are available in gray and tan, wood planters will also provide years of service, depending on the type of wood. For durability, Sprinklers Plus uses pressure treated wood which is more resilient to moisture and decay.

Irrigation in planters can be fixed, where the entire planter is blanketed by a mist of water; however, for those that like to water plants arranged in groups, or where larger plants may block water from getting to smaller plants, Sprinklers Plus can install moveable or drip irrigation. Drip irrigation allows you to move the miniature sprinkler heads where they will be most effective, and you can control the water volume too. These systems can be automated through the same system that waters your lawn.



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Last modified: 10/30/07